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Louisville's Own

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Louisville's Own: (An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Louisville Area Recorded Pop Music from 1953 to 1983)
by Brenda & Bill Woods

Printed by Pennant Litho, Louisville, KY, 1983. Soft Cover, Stated First Edition, 172 pp.

$13.00 (including shipping and handling)

Featured bios and photos of artists and groups include: Alphabetical Order, Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay), Ray Allen, Another Mule (group), The Aztecs, Boyd Bennett, Blue Grass Alliance, Boothog Pefferly and the Loafers, Bob Bowman, Brothers Pride, Gary Burbank, Butch and Leo, Cliff Butler, Shirley Caddell, The Carnations, Joe "Fingers" Carr, Celtics, The Chateaus, Chukkar, Circus, Mickey Clark,The Coachmen, The Company Front, Steven Lee Cook, Copper and Brass, Copperfield, Cosmo and the Counts, Jerry Cox and the Cavaliers, Crushed Velvet, The Cumberlands, Doctor Strange and the Lovers, Tom Dooley, Joe Dowell, Tommy Downs, Dusty, The Dynamics, Gary Edwards and the Embers, Sherry Edwards, Elysian Field, The Epics, Exile, The Fanatics; Floyd, Sam, and the Black Mountain Boys; Fresh Start, The Friendly Room, Full Moon Band, The Futuras, Gary and the Detonators, Donna Gayle, The Graduates, Chuck Harrod and the Ant Eaters, The Hayden Sisters, The Hearby, Al Henderson, Henry Watterson Expressway, Jack Holiday, Billy Huhn and the Catalinas, Angie Humphrey, The Indigos, The Irvin Twins, Jill Jefferies and the New Kermit, Peggy Jo, Jonah Jones, Butch Kaufman, Kelli and the Kittens, Kenny and the Accents, The Keyes, Pee Wee King, Jenny Kirk and the Heavyweights, Karen Kraft, Tim Krekel, Bobby Lanz, Leaves of Autumn, Denny Lile, Jimmie Logsdon, Lonesome Larry, The Louisville Falcons, Mike Lunsford and the Whiskey River Band, Mike Lunsford, The Magnificent 7, The Maroons, Jimmy McConville and the Shamrocks, The McNicol Brothers, The Mersey Beats U.S.A., The Metrotones, Mickey and Sylvia, Hazel Miller, Prince Phillip Mitchell, The Monarchs, Monkey Meeks and the Colonels, The Moonglows, Eddy Morris, Munch (Muench), The Mystics, The Names, New Birth, The Nighcrawlers, The Nite- Liters, The Nite Owls, NRBQ, Suzy Ogden, The O.G.'s (Original Group), Jimmy Osborne, Oxfords, John Paine, Leroy Parker and the Whiskey Mountain Band, Fannon Patrick, Paul Penny, Perpetual Motion, The Police, Sandy Powell, Sue Powell, The Premiers, The Profiles, Redcoats, Rhythm-Addicts, Turley Richards, Bob Roark, The Rugbys, S.A.G.E., Jack Sanders, Scarlet Combo, The Shadows, Guy Shannon, Karl Shannon and the Cat Tracks Band, The Silvertones, Snoopy and the Others, Gene Snyder, Soul, Inc.; Soul Soup, The Sultans, Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys, The Trademarks, Mary Travers (Peter, Paul, & Mary); The Tren-dells, The Ultra-Tones, Us Four, The Waters, The Weads, Donnie White.