Welcome to Tri-Com, A Division of Triangle Talent, Inc. Tri-Com is a creative marketing partner. We assist our clients in establishing their image, reaching their potential market and expanding awareness.

Our services include determining who you are trying to reach and then creating a plan on how to get there. More and more the most cost efficient means of broadcasting your message is through the Internet, websites, electronic mail and social networks.

Our services can include but are not limited to designing marketing materials, revamping existing brochures and materials, and reaching out to the press with business news.

Tri-Com's staff is ready to work with you on your terms. If you already have in-house marketing, we can provide a fresh approach. If you need to build your image from the ground up, we can work with you on providing just the tools you need to reach your audience.

Don't be "just another face in the crowd." Let us help you build your business or change your approach in reaching your potential.