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My name is Bill Woods. I have 35 plus years in I.T. and a lifetime love of music. Allow me to combine my two passions to be your creative marketing partner. I can assist my clients in establishing their image, reaching their potential market and expanding awareness on the web.

I can help you determine who you are trying to reach and then creating a plan on how to get there. More and more the most cost efficient means of broadcasting your message is through the Internet, websites, electronic mail and social networks.

My Clients are large and small.

As significant as the Internet is becoming to all businesses, its greatest potential is for smaller companies. An Internet presence virtually allows any business or company to stand along side the biggest conglomerate. Getting your business "on line" is about reaching your potential audience and creating a critical impression.

I can design an Internet site that can service your needs NOW and can continue to develop and change as needed in the future.

Among the Internet Sites we have developed and maintain are:

The Official Bobby Vee Website - "Bobby Vee...one of the ten most consistent chartmakers ever,"--Billboard Mag. With 38 Top 100 hits, 7 Gold Records, a career of 50 plus years and Fans from around the world.

Fabian - One of the most popular Teen Idols of the late 50s and early 60s. Hits include "I'm A Man", "Turn Me Loose" and "Tiger."

Artist Entertainment Agency - Nation Entertainment Agency - Direct booking agent specializing in famous musical artists from Doo-Wop Music, the fifties, sixties, seventies, and the Disco era.

Gary Cape - the Premier Celebrity Talent Agency for Doo Wop, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s for over 50 years. We have booked Celebrity Artists around the world.

Leon Middleton - Not only a key member of Louisville's The Monarchs, but also playing light jazz, standards and blues with other area bands.

Little Peggy March - American pop music singer with a number 1 hit in April 1963, “I Will Follow Him,” making her the youngest female singer with a number one hit at age fifteen.

The Monarchs - Louisville's musical ambassadors for over 55 years. Hits include "Over The Mountain", "This Old Heart" and "Look Homeward Angel."

The Wulfe Bros. - Mid-America trio of musical entertainers that perform variety, family and educational shows. History, Experience, Talent and Humor Make this band the perfect choice!